To say that any law firm handles “Divorce” is a very general statement that implies quite a lot of information. Divorces vary tremendously in qualitative and quantitative aspects—some are “uncontested” while others are litigated for years; some center around child custody issues, some focus more on property division. While some involve both custody and property issues, it is often the case that one aspect will take the forefront in driving the litigation.

Divorces can be over and done in 60 days, or they can last years. Some involve numerous hearings, temporary orders, injunctions, or prohibitions on use or expenditure of funds or property. Many clients look for a divorce attorney who will “go to war” or be a “bulldog.” However, clients should understand that it is just as important to have an attorney who knows when to fight as one who knows how to fight. Divorces, and family law in general, involve issues pertaining to children’s best interests, broken homes, broken hearts, and life plans that have been disrupted and often completely devastated. For that reason, choosing an attorney who is able to finesse the issues in your case with tact, character, and logic is just as valuable as the most aggressive legal representation.